One of Marietta Community Church's Foundational Values is to be Mission Driven. We believe that the church has a responsibility to go beyond our walls and communities and serve those that do not yet belong to our community, both globally and locally. 


International Missions

Throughout the year Marietta Community Church is sending mission teams around the globe to serve in communities that are in need of the gospel. We work with local organizations and ministries to serve in those communities because we believe that they know better than us what will help their community.

We have sent mission teams to these places in the past:

  • Mexico - Putting on a 2-day camp
  • Romania - Working in local orphanages and villages
  • Honduras - Student Spring Break Missions


In addition to sending out international teams, we are also committed to serving within our own country. We see that there is a need for the hands of feet at home as well as abroad. Our domestic mission trips usually focus on disaster relief, but not always.

We have sent mission teams to these places in the past:

  • Tarboro, NC - Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts