Thursday in Honduras- Day Five

What's up M-Town? This is Ellie and Keel coming to you live from El Porvenir, Honduras, giving you the daily dose of what's happening! 

Today is Thursday April 5th and it has been a very eventful and exciting day as usual! The group started the day by going to the kinder ready to play with lots of kids and teach them about fruit. Everything was running nice and smooth at the kinder until we smelled smoke and something burning and we figured out very quickly that a giant cactus tree had caught aflame! After minimal panic, Corey came to the rescue and put the fire out. After the Kinder, we came back to the house  and ate lunch. After a filling meal of tuna sandwiches, we packed our backpacks with toothpaste and toothbrushes (thanks Mer we miss you), and beans and rice and filled the van and went to the pineapple fields and a local school to hand out all the supplies. It was a delight to see all the kids' faces light up when they saw something as simple as a toothbrush, even if they pretended they didn't have one so they could get another one! After that, we piled back into the van and headed to the national park where we went to the waterfall. We were too busy having fun to take a bunch of pictures, but we have one that doesn't do it justice. After the waterfall, we came home and cleaned up for a classic Honduran dinner of enchiladas. And to put an end to an exiting day, we celebrated Keel's (April 5th) and Emily's (April 6th) birthdays with a healthy desert of Tres Leches cake and ice cream! It crazy how fast the week has gone by and we are looking forward to squeezing the most out of the last few days!


Austin Thomas