Tuesday In Honduras - Day Three

Hola! Today we woke up bright and early to start off our day at the kinder. We taught the children animals by reading them Noah's Ark, coloring, making puppets, and playing various games such as duck duck goose. After that, we headed back to Charlie and Amalia's to fuel up on food and naps before going to the orphanage. Once we arrived at the orphanage were greeted by many sweet kids who were eager to play. We than started a game of soccer at the orphanage, girls vs. boys, and realized how good the kids actually were at soccer. It was so much fun to play with kids all ages, especially the older ones. Although we could not speak their level of Spanish, we still related by playing soccer. Overall it was a great, fun, Jesus-filled day and we cannot wait to see what the rest of the week holds. Adios!!

Emmie Hall & Tre' Byrd

Austin Thomas