Monday in Honduras - Day Two

We awoke at 7 this morning and went to the kinder. We taught them colors by coloring pictures, we played a game called "La Pelota" which is basically hot potato and whoever catches it has to answer a question, and finally we played red light green light. We also read the story of Joseph and the technicolor dream-coat. Additionally, we made the dye t-shirt with the kids.  After that we went back and ate fried chicken for lunch. Then we went to Finding Hope and played with the children. Finding Hope is a ministry run by Kaitlyn that helps women in difficult situations and looks after their children while they work during the day. Kaitlyn also has 3 foster kids of her own. To conclude the day we tye dyed t-shirts of our own and had some homemade plantains for dinner with chicken and beans. 

Looking back on the flight here, we nearly missed our flight. Half the group got "pre-checked' while the rest had to go through security as normal. The result of this was both of us waiting in line nearly an hour and all out sprinting to the terminal and barely making it on. To be honest sprinting through the airport was fun. 

When we finally got to Honduras we then had to ride a van to El Porvenir and the guys decided to get the smallest trailer possible for all the luggage and backpacks. Then when we were on the way a car pulled up next to us holding a backpack and Tre Byrd started yelling that they had his bag and so we pulled over and the guys just through it back on top and drove away.

Signing off,

Ben Gordon and Gil Hastings

Austin Thomas