Easter in Honduras - Day One

We arrived in Honduras around 1 pm yesterday and started our 3 hour drive to El Porvenir! When we got to our house we were greeted by Charlie and Amalia, the missionaries we will be staying with, and then we began to get settled in. Before dinner we decided to walk over to the beach (about a five minute walk) and watch the sun set and met some families. We then had a delicious dinner and had "group" for the night. Then after a long travel day, we were zonked and headed to bed!

Day 2

Feliz Pascua,

This morning, we got up around 7am and ate breakfast, we then we got ready and went to church at 10. At Church we heard two different sermons, one about communion, and the other about Easter itself.  After the service, we ate lunch, and then the boys and girls split up. The boys went to go play football and soccer at the beach, while the girls worked on the tye dye shirts for the Kinder. We then went to go see Botas the Monkey, go to the soccer pitch, and get snacks at the Pulperia.  That's all for today folks.

Signing off, 

Maddie, Ann Hollis, and Max


Austin Thomas