At Marietta Community Church we believe that everyone should be connecting with the community that they are a part of. At every stage in life it is essential for the Christian to be in fellowship with each other. 


Discipleship Groups

Discipleship groups are a weekly group that meet in various homes and locations throughout the community. Every Discipleship group studies the same thing. And you are welcome to switch Discipleship groups at the end of each study to connect with more people within the community. 



Sometimes ministry needs to be specific to the person that you are. After all, God created them male and female. He created them to be different. Our Men's group is an opportunity for you to meet up with other men and grow in your relationship with Christ together. 


Women's Group

Women's group is a place where women find freedom to be who God created them to be. Women have just as much potential as their male counterparts. It is in this group that women will learn the riches of Christ for their life as they seek to deepen their spiritual walk together.